October 27, 2022
October 27, 2022


Zofia has been training singers and groups since 2013. She runs Warsaw Vocal Studio in Warsaw, Poland. She has taught hundreds of singers over the years, with her clients ranging from amateurs to professionals of Poland’s Musical Theatre and commercial music scenes, as well as voice teachers, speakers, actors and singers in need of voice rehabilitation. She has also consulted on MTV Poland and TVP projects and ran workshops in Poland and abroad. As a Regional Mentor for Poland in Modern Vocal Training, she is supporting nearly thirty teachers in their training.

Constantly studying different methods and approaches in teaching voice, she is most passionate about finding effective ways of utilising the students’ unique traits and perspectives in their teach- ing process. By taking into account not only the students’ voices, but also their everyday realities, practice habits, psychological traits, experiences and personalities, she has created an effective approach where students become confident as their own teachers during home practice.

She has performed and recorded as a backing vocalist with several Polish artists, as well as in in- dependent projects, but it is choirs and vocal groups that bring her greatest fulfilment. She has successfully both performed in and ran vocal groups of different levels of advancement, seeing it as a unique opportunity for singers to develop their musical sensitivity. She is currently working on her own material.