Palace “W Turznie”, 2 hours away from Warsaw (Western Poland, near to the German border). A 19th century palace raised in the beautiful Polish countryside. Services included in the price are: swimming pool, spa wellness, modern and well equipped conference rooms, tennis courts, volleyball sand pitch and 19-hectare park with its own lake. For those who look for nature – there is a space for open countryside walks, and as usual for that time of the year, great sunny weather.

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There are multiple ways of getting to Vocal Camp depending where you are coming from.

By plane:

      -Flights must be booked to Warsaw. 

      -There are two airports in Warsaw: Chopin and Modlin airport. You can fly to any of them. However, our Shuttle Bus will only pick you up and drop you back at Chopin airport. 

      -Book your flights in time if you wish to take our Shuttle Bus operating from Chopin airport.

By train:

       -The nearest train station is Turzno Station (20 mins walking distance to Vocal Camp). 

       -We highly recommend you check train connections to this station. If you need any help, please let us know!

By car:

        -You will always be able to come by car, either by your own car or a Camper friend‘s!


Start your musical adventure by taking our fun Shuttle Bus that goes directly from Chopin airport to Vocal Camp! It has an extra cost of around 65€ (both ways in total) to be paid with the last Camp fee. It’s about 2 hours drive.

  • CHOPIN airport to Vocal Camp: leaves on Sunday 28th July at around 3.30pm (for those who decide to go to Warsaw any day earlier and stay in the city, they need to come to the airport at 3pm). 
  • Vocal Camp to CHOPIN airport: leaves on Monday 5th August at around 10.30am

IMPORTANT! If your flight is delayed, we will arrange an alternative transport for you. Any additional nights you may stay, before or after Camp, are not covered by us. Private transport outside the mentioned times are not covered by us neither.

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3 times a day we will have a delicious, home-style cuisine, including vegetarian and gluten free options (meals are included on the camp fee). In our resort there’s also a bar where you can spend your free time at late nights, socialise and have a drink, etc. We also have coffee shop open all day with home backed cakes.