November 21, 2019
November 21, 2019

Founder of European Vocal Camp

Magda Navarrete is a voice coach, professional singer, performer & dancer. Founder of many worldwide events and projects. Stands on stage from last 30 years singing and performing, recording albums and touring the world as a singer and as a teacher. Magda together with her husband Andres created several international projects that are dedicated to create space and place for other singers and artists to grow. Learning from her own experiences, from teaching around the world, and as well from being part of several singing organisations – brought her to cofound the Modern Vocal Training Institute – looking for better knowledge and better opportunities for others to develop themselves.

Magda’s specialty is World Music. Developing her talent and honing her skills since she began singing at nine years old, Magda has gained vast multicultural experience while travelling and working around the world. Born in Warsaw, she studied music and anthropology in Madrid. While living in Madrid, she sang with flamenco musicians and learnt from the masters of this style. She sings boleros, latin and gypsy music, flamenco, polish traditional music and many fusion music. She has collaborated on multiple musical productions and festivals all over the world, including Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, New York, Romania, Germany, Morocco, Ireland, Finland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, etc.

As a performing artist, Magda’s unusual style is a result of her consciously letting different musical styles influence her. Magda has recorded 4 albums: “Chilli” with Noche de Boleros (released on Warner Music and distributed on the Polish, Spanish and German markets), “IMAN” under her own name, “Warsaw Lutoslawski” with Peter Steczek and string orquesta, and “Mezihra” with her international band Czech-Polish, Caravana Banda which is headline group of many world music festivals and theatres like Dublin Fringe Festival, NOSPR in Katowice, etc.