Melissa Toy
October 27, 2022
October 27, 2022



There is something special about power ballads. They’re an empowering experience both for the singer and the listener. Theatricality, strong vocals, key changes at just the right moment and strong lyrics – all this created some of the most memorable songs of all time. While it evolved through different music genres that adopted it, the core has remained the same through decades. We will be working not only on the power in your voice, the long resonant notes that carry over the instruments, but also on your artistry. You’ll learn the key requirements of the style, you’ll learn how to allow the musical composition to carry you for the right build up of emotions, work on freedom that is necessary for you to tell the powerful story. You’ll learn how not to get so carried away that your voice gets away from you, but just enough that your audience gets a beautiful emotional gift from you and chills from being transported to their own emotional experiences. You’ll learn how to pick the song that resonates with you and your voice at this moment in time, so that you can make this power ballad your own power journey without fearing the song. Come join us on this adventure! You know you want to. Who doesn’t love to belt out the power ballads?