tekst alternatywny


IVA technique – based on similar principles to the Italian 17th and 18th century Schola Cantorum.
The IVA technique adds to the „Old Italian School” of singing innovations in the field of Vocal Science updated constantly by the latest vocal research and discoveries by eminent voice teachers and scientists.Over 200 voice teachers from around the world are part now of IVA making of it one of the leading vocal organisations.


This year you can choose from a variety of workshops hosted by the best specialists the Uk, Italy, Brazil, Spain, France, Poland and Ireland. JAZZ, ROCK, BACKING VOCALS, MUSICAL THEATRE, RIFFS AND RUNS, PERFORMANCE, VOCAL TECHNIQUE THEORY AND PRACTICE, HARMONY FOR SINGERS, CIRCLE SONGS, SONGWRITING, as well as a workshop common to all participants: Gospel Choir and Riffs and Runs. This is an ideal workshop to learn new styles, develop your own style and find inspiration.


Centre of polish folklore „Nagawki”, a unique venue at the center of Poland – Mazovia, only 1 hour from Warsaw airport and 30min from Lodz airport.
Emerged on the polish countryside „Nagawki”it’s a top accomodation in traditional polish villas, in exclusive rooms and designs. „Nagawki” has two theatre, (one created in an old church), swimming pools, tea house and unique, friendly atmosphere.

The promising content of the workshop leaflet turned into reality and in the end, it was even more that I'd expected. Teachers who not only teach but also inspire, fabolous picturesque site, great atmosphere and people - with some of them I'm still in touch:) The workshop brings fond memories and I'm looking forward to the 2012 edition! ---ANNA BRZOZOWSKA

Great vocal lessons in the morning and great parties in the evening. The atmosphere was unique. Vocal Camp took place in a very peaceful green area. It was quite normal to wake up in the morning and spot great singers vocalizing in the garden, in the reastaurant, in the swimming pool... anywhere! Most of all it was a unique opportunity to meet valuable friends. ---MATTEO MAZZUCA

I took my first SLS lessons during the Vocal Camp last year and the effect this method has had on my singing since then still surprises me! I learnt how to cope with my singing problems for which I hadn't been able to find solution for beforehand. I discovered my voice and found out it can sound totally different. That's all thanks to SLS lessons with Magda Navarrete. Meeting new people who shared their experiences and dreams from various places round the world, hours of inspiring talks, sharing music and lots of positive energy is what made those workshops something extraordinary! ---JADWIGA GOROL